This page contains small galleries of photos of Pat’s life organized into decades.
There are descriptions for each of the photos if you view at them one at a time.
If you view it as a slideshow, there will be no descriptions.









1st 8″ Howitzer Battery

Working on Brady’s Yard

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  1. JANE G. BLEAKLEY says:

    I was shocked to learn of Pat’s death almost two years after he passed. My last communication with him was through “Linked In”, a brief “how are you” message from each of us.
    Pat and I met one summer at the library at Ft. Sam Houston, he was on his way to Marquette as a freshman and I was on my way to junior year in High School. Our meeting was hilarious and dates afterward were fun and adventurous. Pat and I continued to see each other when he came home from school and when he transferred to Quantico, I moved to Washhington DC and went to school there. Later, I moved to Dallas and flew for American Airlines, Pat went off to Viet Nam and an active career. We lost touch after that until 11 years ago, when I passed through Dallas on business and he and I had lunch. We crammed decades of stories into a couple of hours and we both agrreed that our lives had turned out well.
    I am saddened by his passing, and I keep remembering the tall skinny crew cut kid who accidently knocked over an entire shelf of books in the library in an effort to meet me. I am so happy that his life was so full and that he brought such joy to so many people. It was his destiny.

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